Be Real Body Image Pledge

Why do we need a Body Image Pledge?

The Body Image Pledge is part of the Be Real Campaign, created to address body image anxiety, a critical health problem suffered by one in four people in the UK which can ultimately cause low self-esteem and depression. Research has shown that children as young as five are now worried about how they look; primary school age children have started dieting and appearance is the largest cause of bullying in schools.

Body image anxiety stops children from putting their hand up in class; discourages children and adults from exercising; leads to a variety of eating disorders; young people taking less care of themselves during sex; substance abuse; and is directly linked to weight gain.

What is the Body Image Pledge?

Developed with businesses, charities and subject matter experts, the Body Image Pledge is comprised of four parts which set out in simple, straight forward language how organisations and individuals can bring about responsible change in their approach to body image issues.

The Pledge and its principles have been based on Reflections on Body Image, the widely publicised recommendations from a three-month inquiry by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Body Image, as well as a wealth of subsequent research.

The Pledge acknowledges the positive work that has been undertaken to date by relevant industries and organisations but recognises that more needs to be done. The Pledge aims to encourage collaborative working to bring about lasting cultural and behavioural change.

What are we asking for?

The Body Image Pledge calls for the responsible portrayal of body image by the advertising, fashion, media and music industries, as well as by other relevant organisations. We are asking companies in these sectors and other organisations to make a commitment to publicly endorse and sign up to the Pledge.


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