About George

Mr. George Dimitrov is a psychologist with a wide professional experience in Bulgaria and UK. He is a published author of a book “A Look At Hypnosis. Myths and Reality” (2012) and of many articles on a variety of psychological topics – hypnotherapy and hypnosis, burnout state, depression, autism and etc. George was born in Burgas, the fourth biggest city in Bulgaria and about a decade ago relocated into London where currently lives. He provides prompt psychological services mainly focused on psychotherapy (CBT, mindfulness, hypnotherapy), coaching, forensic psychology and others. As a recognised professional George is a member of some well established and proven professional organisations. Among those are The British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (George is a member of the standard committee), The Hypnotherapy Association, The American Psychological Association, The Bulgarian Association of Hypnosis and others.

You can make yourself familiar with his highly effective approach having a look at some of his media performances (thanks to Raymond they’ve been successfully created):